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Chemistry and Biochemistry Selected Publications . Jin S,Brea RJ,Rudd AK,Moon SP,Pratt MR,Devaraj NK "Traceless native chemical ligation of lipid-modified peptide surfactants by mixed micelle formation.", Nat Commun, 2020, Vol. 11, Issue 1, 2793 [View Abstract] Bhattacharya A,Brea RJ,Niederholtmeyer H,Devaraj NK "A minimal biochemical route towards de novo formation of synthetic phospholipid membranes.", Nat Commun Electronic and Steric Effects on the Rate of the Traceless Notable attributes of this ligation strategy include its ability to generate an amide product without either residual atoms, 3 or racemization, 4 and a high reaction rate. 5 (Diphenylphosphino)methanethiol (1) is the most often used of known reagents for effecting the traceless Staudinger ligation, and has mediated the orthogonal assembly of a Traceless Staudinger Ligation for the Synthesis of WARF reference number P00315US describes a method of using traceless Staudinger ligation for the total chemical synthesis of proteins. Publications Tam A., Soellner M.B. and Raines R.T. 2007. Water-Soluble Phosphinothiols for Traceless Staudinger Ligation and Integration with Expressed Protein Ligation. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129, 11421–11430. Traceless Staudinger Ligation for Biotinylation of

Jul 17, 2018 · The salicylaldehyde group is released spontaneously during the reaction, resulting in the traceless formation of ceramide, without the introduction of any extraneous chemical moieties (Fig. 1A). From these initial experiments, we found that compound 3 offered superior hydrolytic stability, showing very little degradation (<2%) over 16 h (Fig. 1B

O-acyl peptides in traceless chemical ligation reactions is sup-ported by theoretical and computational studies. Further ligation. investigations on other sized transition sta tes as well as Herein, we report a traceless ligation at Val-Xaa sites under mild thiol additive-free reaction conditions, whereby the introduction of β-mercaptan on the C-terminal valine residue effectively activates the otherwise unreactive N-acyl-benzimidazolinone (Nbz), and enables the use of a one-pot ligation–desulfurization strategy to generate the T1 - Traceless chemical ligation from S -, O -, and N-acyl isopeptides. AU - Panda, Siva S. PY - 2014/4/15. Y1 - 2014/4/15. N2 - Peptides are ubiquitous in nature where they play crucial roles as catalysts (enzymes), cell membrane ion transporters, and structural elements (proteins) within biological systems. ChemInform Abstract: Traceless Chemical Ligation from S-, O-, and N-Acyl Isopeptides Article in Accounts of Chemical Research 47(4) · March 2014 with 133 Reads How we measure 'reads'

EnzyTag technology Our technology offers an entry into linear and cyclic peptide drugs, small proteins, (bio)conjugates, Antibody Drug Conjugates, PROTACs and LYTACs.

Research - Menard Lab Our traceless chemical ligation strategy enables the labeling of target proteins while maintaining their innate function, thereby alleviating functional perturbations associated with common molecular biology techniques. It is thus perfectly suited to deliver biophysical reporter probes and to characterize the interaction of proteins in real Traceless | Definition of Traceless at Traceless definition, having or leaving no trace: a traceless crime. See more.