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主页 › 软件及工具 › 用户模块数据表 › 用户模块数据表:SPI MASTER DATASHEET, SPIM V 2.6 (CY8C29/27/24/22/21xxx, CY7C603xx, CY7C64215, CYWUSB6953, CY8C23x33, CY8CLED02/04/08/16, CY8CLED0xD, CY8CLED0xG, CY8CTST110, CY8CTMG110, CY8CTST120, CY8CTMG120, CY8CTMA120, CY8CTMA140, CY8C21x45 FTC Versus Spam: Tackling a Growing Problem - … Spam’s cousins, SPIM (spam over instant messaging), SPIT (spam over internet telephony), and spam to mobile devices, threaten to undermine the benefits of mobile services and Internet Vendita Diretta Immobili | SPIM GENOVA SPIM TI PROPONE I SUOI IMMOBILI LIBERI E DISPONIBILI Scarica l’elenco e fissa la tua visita all’appartamento. Gli Uffici SPIM ti spiegheranno le modalità su come fare l’offerta. Chiama il numero 010- 5577908 o scrivi a Experts downplay 'spim' threat - CNET

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Aug 11, 2006 · Spim (short for spam over instant messaging), is a type of spam that uses IM platforms as the transport medium. Users of different public IM systems, who use public profiles are quite likely to receive unsolicited advertising messages from spammers (when referring to spam over instant messaging, they are called spimmers). According to a report from Ferris Research, 500 million IM spam were sent in 2003, twice the level of 2002. As it becomes more prevalent, spim could impact the business community similarly to the way that spam does now, by consuming corporate resources and creating security problems. In some ways, IM is an especially useful channel for spammers.