PPTP VPN Error 619 |VMware Communities 2009-8-25 What is Error 619? – VyprVPN Support Ensure that PPTP passthrough is enabled on your router. Consult your router's documentation on the manufacturer's website for instructions on how to do this. Temporarily disable your firewall and/or other security software. 使用PPTP配置Linux上的VPN服务器 | Jarett's Blog

2009-8-20 · For some reason, I need to set up a PPTP server on FreeBSD 7.2. I noticed two options to acheive this goal. One is PopTop. The other is MPD. I choose PopTop just because it is small and widely used._already_enabled: 1723

2003-1-23 VPN接続:PPTP接続でつながらない:エラー619) … VPN接続(PPTP接続)を行おうとしたらエラー619が出たのでその 対応策のメモ。 RT58iルータでPPTPパススルーの設定を行う必要があるらしい。 以下のページを参考に設定を行ったら接続できた。 YAMAHA RT58iに切り替えてからWindowsのVPNができなくなりました。 【win7 pptp vpn】-百度搜索详情 - SEO追词网

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PPTP errors (721, 619, etc) - social.technet.microsoft.com 2012-5-23 · Make sure you are in a LAN other then the RRAS server's LAN when attempting to connect using PPTP. Try to see if the port 1723 tcp is opened on the public interface using a telnet client. If the RRAS is not the gateway to the LAN and you use a router, configure the router to forward PPTP traffic to the rras internal address. Configure PPTP Server With PopTop on …